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Twintip Club is a well-known provider of snow-sports education and recreational experiences based in Lebanon in Mzaar Ski resort Lebanon. With a focus on youth and kids, the company caters to all age groups and is renowned for nurturing skiing talent and fostering a passion for winter sports. Our team of 55 ski instructors, holds various certifications, the latest one being from the reputable SSBS Swiss Association. We believe in developing skills and strength through continuous effort and training which demonstrate our commitment to delivering high-quality snow-sports education and experiences.

Since 2015, Twintip has enjoyed numerous successful collaborations and sponsorships with prominent ski brands, banks, major retailers, and kids entertainment brands, a testament to its reputation as a leader in the snow-sports industry.

Twintip is dedicated to providing its customers with exceptional services in snow-sports education and experiences that inspire a lifelong love of winter sports.

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