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Thank you for considering Twintip Ski School and Club in Lebanon for your snow sports journey! We are proud to be one of Lebanon's leading snow sports schools, conveniently located at the renowned Mzaar Ski Resort, the largest ski destination in the country. Our team comprises highly skilled ski and snowboard instructors, catering to all levels and disciplines. 

We have earned a stellar reputation for our commitment to excellence in service and our exceptional ski instructors and coaches. Our mission is to provide top-tier ski instruction, creating unforgettable experiences on the slopes. Twintip Ski Club is renowned for its warm family-like atmosphere, friendly staff, and exceptional client relationships.

Get the outmost of your experience as a ski or snowboard instructor by coaching alongside the best coaches in Lebanon, and targeting clients from a variety of age groups. Our certified instructors will provide world class coaching in a fun and safe environment.

Exceptional service is the foundation of everything we stand for at our Ski School. Join to provide lifetime quality teaching and customer service. Be the person behind the responsibility for ensuring smooth ski school operations and ultimate customer satisfaction. Administrative Specialists are organized team players ready to assist with any of our operational or guest needs.